How to Get Started with Pay Per Call Marketing

The world of mobile marketing is on the rise, and rightly so. 

People all over the planet use their mobile devices as sources of entertainment, business tools, and shopping aids. 

From finding the best restaurant nearby, to mobile banking, to purchasing new furniture, mobile devices give […]

The Importance of Call Intelligence for Pay Per Call

Despite the heavy influence of the internet on how we do business in 2018, call centers, phone sales, and telemarketing have remained staples of the sales world. 

With the high volume of calls, leads, and conversations that occur on the daily, maintaining accurate and efficient records can […]

What is Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing

If you work in a complex and fast-paced industry, traditional forms of marketing may not be cutting it. When dealing with complex decisions, potential customers often need a guide to help ensure that they are making the right decision.

Instead of attracting customers through pay per click […]