Despite the heavy influence of the internet on how we do business in 2018, call centers, phone sales, and telemarketing have remained staples of the sales world. 

With the high volume of calls, leads, and conversations that occur on the daily, maintaining accurate and efficient records can make all the difference in ensuring your company’s success and minimizing impact on revenue

Call intelligence and attribution are the answers to this challenge, and are exceptionally useful tools in gaining new insights into the mind and habits of your clients. 

Why You Need To Track Your Calls

Call intelligence involves the tracking, reporting, and application of metrics based on telephone conversations with customers. 

Some features of call intelligence and attribution programs can involve data on where your clients find your services, who they are, where they come from, when the call, and so on. Insight like this can help you and your company to more efficiently and effectively market your product, and gain new business. 

Call intelligence and attribution essentially give you insight into which marketing campaigns have the highest success rates, which online platforms attract the most new customers, and where your clients are coming from. 

This sort of information is incredibly powerful, especially in the hands of an excellent marketing team. Knowing exactly how, where, and when to target ads and seek out new leads takes the mystery out of where to allocate funds and your team’s time and energy.

Call Intelligence vs Call Tracking

Knowing what separates Call Intelligence versus Call Tracking make all the difference when it comes to working with a call tracking provider. 

Call tracking only give you information on where calls are coming from. Call intelligence goes even further in-depth, taking the data and examining it from multiple angles to give you the best and most useful information possible.

While this information is vital (calls being the most valued type of lead), especially in understanding the success of certain campaigns, or in knowing what platforms and landing pages do the best in terms of generating calls, call tracking does not provide the in depth analysis that comes with call intelligence and attribution. 

The actual quality of the calls generated by your online marketing is as important, if not more important than knowing the basic numbers. If the calls you are generating or the leads being acquired aren’t lucrative or productive they are of no use to you and your company. 

Why Call Attribution Software

Call attribution software is used by a variety of online marketing and sales teams to keep the most accurate record of calls in order to use them to fuel future marketing campaigns, or examine successes and missteps in how time and resources are being allocated. 

Using a call attribution software for your company simplifies the entire process, and makes it automatic. 

Once you choose a call attribution software and it has been installed, all calls generated will be automatically analyzed by the system, then that information is compiled and made available to you. 

Some of the information that call attribution software will compile for you includes geographic location of callers, their demographic information, what sort of device callers use, when the calls were made, which ad campaigns generated the calls, and keywords involved. 

Having a call attribution software makes viewing this information much easier than if you were to try to figure it out through surveying callers or other less reliable and thorough methods of call data collection.

How Call Attribution Software Works

The collection of this data is done by analyzing the callers online presence prior to them actually calling. Call attribution software is able to examine what ads the caller clicked on, what search engines they are using, and so on. 

Call attribution software unravels a callers online session before they click on your ad in order to give you more answers about what brought the call to you in the first place.

Using Call Intelligence

Once data has been collected by call attribution software, using it correctly and to your advantage is the next hurdle. Analyzing the results of call intelligence data can give you a window into the mind of your consumer. 

This will help you to streamline your work. Rather than random or wide spread marketing campaigns, knowing where the best results are found can help to determine where future ad campaigns will be shown, and what types of campaigns have the potential to be the most successful. 

Call intelligence data also allows for you to make your customers experience more enjoyable. Knowing what they clicked on prior to calling, or what their specific needs are allows you to customize and personalize their call, which in turn helps to bring customers back again and again.

Optimizing Call Flows with Call Routing, Call Recording and IVRs

Along with data collection and analytics to inform you on your customer base, most call intelligence platforms include features like Call Routing, Call Recording and Interactive Voice Response. 

These features help you to customize and improve upon customer experiences. Optimizing call flows means sending the calls to the best possible agent. With the data collected by the call intelligence software calls can be sent to specific departments, people, or areas of service to make sure customers are getting the best answer the first time. 

Interactive Voice Response software, or IVRs, are able to let your customer choose for themselves how they will move forward by asking them a series of questions to lead them to the right agent or prerecorded answer to a basic question. When combined with other features like Call Recording, IVRs are also able to give you valuable insight into how calls went, customer experience, and what can be improved. 

Weaponize Your Data with Powerful Analytics

Data gathered by call intelligence and allocation systems can be a powerful tool. Knowing in depth information on all aspects of your business will help you grow and thrive within your industry.  Ringba offers top of the line call intelligence collection and analysis as well as Interactive Voice Response software to help power your company. By using the knowledge gained by tracking and monitoring calls to your company, you can stay at the forefront of your industry, and solidify your place as a successful and efficient company.