Call Tracking for Pay Per Call

As a pay per call marketer, you absolutely need to have your own call tracking software to have full control over your call flow.

Call tracking software is used to attribute the source of inbound phone calls by assigning unique numbers to different campaigns and channels and provides analytics and reporting about what happened before, during, and after the call.

When you are running a pay per call program, you need to fully understand the decision making process a customer goes through when doing business with your company.  Call tracking and analytics will help reveal the entire decision making process involved in your consumers’ journey.

What Exactly Is Call Tracking?

When you track the source of your calls you can find easily pinpoint how a customer found you.

Understanding the journey your customer takes means you can recreate their experience. With call tracking software, you’ll be able to find out what caused you to get sales and lose sales. 

Call tracking solves the issue of partial information received from last click information. You will no longer have to rely on one method of researching the customers’ experience. Modern call tracking software can use multiple different approaches to learn how customers found you.

  • Keyword level call tracking
  • Campaign level call tracking
  • Channel or source level call tracking

Properly Assess Your Pay Per Call ROI (Return on Investment)

Call tracking and analytics help you decide which campaign efforts are effective and converting to sales. 

According to Forbes, marketing funds are wasted every year from a lack of information. Poorly researched campaigns continue to run, even if they don’t have high conversion rates. Alternatively, successful campaigns are cut short before their time.

Once you’ve located the marketing source and conversion rate, you can accurately assess your ROI. Armed with data you can invest more money into the campaigns that are effective and withdraw funds from dead-end projects.

You’ll be able to reference hard facts and numbers that reflect consumer buying patterns. You will learn important information about your customers such as purchase history, age, location and more. 

Armed with this data, you can begin to make predictions for future purchasing trends by analyzing caller data. Observing patterns in customer’s behavior will give your company a competitive edge. Investing in your own pay per call tracking software will quickly pay for itself. 

Call Tracking Features

Accurate up to date information will give you the leading edge against your competition and call reporting is no different. With call analytics software, you can view conversion rates for specific pay per call campaigns and make data-driven decisions faster.

Armed with the right information you can properly choose the next move to take. You could also choose to have phone calls recorded. Your marketing team can analyze customers responses in recorded calls. Their feedback will be an invaluable tool to guide your company. 

A lot of call tracking platforms provide call intelligence and voice analytics. This software will be able to determine what leads are strong and need immediate attention. Specific algorithms allow the artificial intelligence software to get even better over time.

Voice analytics use an artificial intelligence to listen to consumers responses. The AI will use the data gathered from the consumer to determine what department would best serve their needs. Then the customers call is directed to an appropriate agent.

Even without voice analytics, modern call tracking software will be able to route the call based on demographic information. The software will determine the callers first and last name, purchase history and where they are calling from. This will help your company create the ultimate customer service experience. 

Call tracking and analytics will help you customize your marketing efforts with automated call routing. With automated call routing your customer can be directly routed to an agent that can provide them with the help they need. 

There’s nothing more frustrating to customers than being tossed to and fro as they try to locate the right person. Instead, they will instantly be connected to the salesperson they need. 

Before the customer says a word, you’ll be customizing the experience to fit their needs. When customers have convenient experiences the potential for a sale rises. Also, customers are more likely to remain (retention rate) when they have a good first impression.

What to Look for in Your Call Tracking Company

There are a lot of software companies competing to provide you with a call tracking and analytics package. It helps to know what to look for in a company so you don’t waste your time or money.

A reputable company will provide you with specific services and clear upfront pricing.

Here are some of the features you should look for when choosing a company. Ask yourself, will this company provide you with:

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Flow Management
  • Automated Call Routing
  • In-depth Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Intelligent call flow optimization

Ringba can provide you with all of these features and great customer service. Your company is your baby, so it makes sense you only want the best.