The world of mobile marketing is on the rise, and rightly so. 

People all over the planet use their mobile devices as sources of entertainment, business tools, and shopping aids. 

From finding the best restaurant nearby, to mobile banking, to purchasing new furniture, mobile devices give us access to the world at the touch of a screen.

With the rise in mobile device use, pay per call marketing has quickly taken its place as one of the most lucrative and efficient ways to generate leads, calls, and sales via mobile marketing. 

Pay per call marketing also allows businesses to better understand their own clients. 

Data collected about inbound calls can open a window to the mind of the consumer, allowing your company to tailor advertising, phone numbers, and services to future clients. 

But it isn’t always easy to know where to begin — finding the right resources to help your company to flourish and grow can be grueling, and often lead to frustration or misplaced funding. 

It is important not only to find appropriate affiliates for your advertisements, but also to know who and where resources for maximizing your pay per call advertising can be found.

Knowing the tools available to you to best manage inbound calls and call-only ad campaigns will help your business rise to the top, and keep your customers coming back again and again. 

What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay per call marketing is an advertising model and technique used to generate sales calls. A business (advertiser) settles on a specific rate for each call generated by mobile ads.

Once you have made an agreement with a given affiliate company, that company runs ad campaigns and other online marketing tactics to attract customers and generate calls for your company. 

True to the name, you only pay your affiliate advertising partner for the calls you actually receive, not for simply advertising your business. These calls are then directly routed to your business where your agents take calls and make sales. 

Businesses are also able to use call tracking and analytics to monitor things like geographic location of callers and ad viewers to better allow you to target the correct demographics. 

Call tracking and analytics can also help to improve your future marketing and ad campaigns. Knowing what landing pages or keywords were most useful, or which phone numbers generated the most sales gives you and your business tools to better market yourself and sell your products. 

How Can Pay Per Call Marketing Help Your Business? 

Pay per call marketing can help keep your marketing and advertising costs down.

 By using pay per call marketing, your advertising and information is put in front of relevant demographics and mobile users who frequently show interest in your type of product. 

Rather than using valuable time, money, and resources to market randomly, pay per call marketing can help to narrow your scope, and pinpoint call leads. With the added benefit of only paying for calls actually received by your business, wasted funds on non-lucrative or inefficient advertisement can be reduced to a minimum.

The money you do spend on pay per call marketing is certainly worth it for growing your business and generating more sales. Essentially, if your business or product is complex, expensive, frequent, or urgent in nature, pay per call marketing is for you, because your customers require in depth information. 

Customers in search of new cars, vacations, healthcare, education etc. overwhelmingly choose companies or programs that they have directly spoken to on the phone. Calls create loyalty, generate sales, and increase profits. 

In fact, PPC generated call leads tend to be more effective and have 10x higher close rates than other forms of digital marketing. 

Inbound Call Reporting

As your company begins to make new sales and grab new leads, take advantage of tracking for inbound calls. Companies like Ringba have amazing call reporting and tracking features that can give you deep insight into your call flow and the tools you need to optimize your campaigns. 

Really knowing who is contacting you, and every last detail about how to market to them can increase both your sales, and reduce your costs. These types of services give you incredibly detailed insight into your customers, their habits, their likes, and their dislikes. 

Simply knowing which search engine your leads come from most often can help you to pinpoint where to advertise more effectively. Knowing where your customers are from can help in determining which call centers or which numbers to contact potential clients with. 

Call reporting can even give you information about when peak hours for top sales results are. 

Collecting information about calls, knowing how long they lasted, and learning from mistakes and successes is integral to successful sales calls. 

To truly optimize your pay per call marketing, you should go beyond basic tracking and data reporting; tools like call recording can be added to your services inexpensively and simply. 

Recording calls, or utilizing interactive voice response technology to collect information about their experience from your clients gives you the unique opportunity to improve or emphasise the specific needs and wants of your client base. 

Recording call data also helps you to know when to call or when to return sales calls in order to optimize your results. Calling at the right time increases call time by 51%

That means that simply by knowing your peak hours, or season, or tracking how long calls last at certain times of day can greatly impact your sales call results. 

A happy customer is a more willing customer, so no matter the product you’re offering, if the time and tone isn’t right you aren’t going to make the sale. 

In order to keep your business on track, and make sure you are getting everything you can out of your pay per call marketing, visit Ringba to learn more about their pay per call tracking platform. They provide reliable, fast, and useful tracking and analytics for all your inbound calling needs.