Landing Pages for Pay Per Call Lead Generation

A landing page is a standalone web page that has been created for the sole purpose of getting a visitor to complete a specific action. Landing pages are use by Pay Per Call Marketers in their advertising campaigns to generate inbound phone calls.

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Landing pages allow you to tailor the experience for your customer, thus providing the exact information they are seeking. It also allows you to direct customers to take a specific action.

When creating a pay per call landing page, you must keep your objective in mind. If you want qualified leads to call you, then you must ensure your phone number or a button to call you is on the page. 

Like any marketing campaign, the goal of your landing page is to entice the visitors and drive them to complete a specific action. By featuring unique photos, descriptions of your products, and a call to action, you increase your chances of attracting qualified leads. 

When creating a landing page, you need to give customers with the relevant information they need while inspiring them to actually call your company. 

Landing Page Optimization (LPO) balances design, relevancy and function to convert leads into customers. LPO does exactly as the title suggests: it optimizes your landing page to increase the number of visitors who take the desired action.

Optimizing landing pages includes writing better copy, adding compelling images or videos, and modifying the lead capture form. 

When optimizing the landing page, you need to keep user experience in mind. Similar to your standard website, customers won’t stick around for a boring, slow, or complicated page. 

Here are some basic tips and suggestions that you should follow when creating a Pay Per Call landing page: 

  • The page should be neatly organized, with a headline that describes why they should call your company. 
  • Your phone number should be designed as a call to action. This is typically completed with a button. 
  • If you make the button a contrasting color, it will stand out and be easier for visitors to notice.
  • If you have writing or descriptions on the page, make sure they are not cluttered. 
  • Instead of a long block of words, you should include small paragraphs, with accompanying images.
  • If you include images or photos, make sure they are not too large, because they will slow the landing page down. 

When creating the perfect landing page for Pay Per Call advertising, you may be tempted to load the page with information. 

Having customer testimonials or a list of high-level client logos can be a great tool to attract leads; however, you don’t want that information to dominate your landing page. 

The typical customer will look at your landing page for just a few seconds before deciding to call. That means you have just seconds to make your case. 

If you are fearful your landing won’t attract customers in such a small amount of time, you can test your landing page with the five second test. This test is exactly what the name implies. It allows people to visit your page, then tests them on what they think after just 5 seconds. You can have them answer questions, such as “what is this page about?” 

This test may seem a bit odd, but it can give you vital information about your landing page before it launches. If your page isn’t getting the reaction you expected, or if potential customers aren’t understanding the call to action, you can make adjustments using LPO.