If you work in a complex and fast-paced industry, traditional forms of marketing may not be cutting it. When dealing with complex decisions, potential customers often need a guide to help ensure that they are making the right decision.

Instead of attracting customers through pay per click advertising, you may find it beneficial to target customers with Pay Per Call. 

What is Pay Per Call 

Pay Per Call is similar to the standard Pay Per Click model that you may already be familiar with — however, customers aren’t clicking through to your website, they are calling your company to get answers. 

If this sounds like the advertising solution you have been searching for, then Pay Per Call may be the answer to all your problems. 

Why Pay Per Call is the Future of Lead Generation

With the fall of brick and mortar stores, customer-company interactions have been steadily falling. 

Although many customers are fine with buying products online, there are customers who still want a personal interaction with the companies they are dealing with. 

Pay Per Call advertising fills that desire, while maximizing valuable leads. 51% of mobile searchers say they always or frequently need to call a business from a mobile search ad. 

When you actively drive phone calls, you will connect with qualified leads in real time. According to researchers, phone calls have a conversion rate of 30-50%, compared to just 1-2% for clicks. 

You can also learn more about your customers from inbound calls and call recording than virtually any other form of marketing. Pay per call tracking can show you the top campaigns, the call and conversion outcomes, trends in customer preferences, and detailed caller profiles. 

This information is extremely valuable and can be used in future marketing campaigns and for optimizing existing call flows.